Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve

      I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Better late than never. To make up for that, here's Yuiko wishing you all a Happy New Year, and sharing some photos of what she has been doing in the month's past. She's plenty eager to, especially since she has a new Obitsu body to show off. 

"Hello everybody! It's me Yuiko, and I wish you all a Happy New Year. Right now, I'm in Hong Kong, living it up and partying with everyone else. Right now, I'm at Victoria Peak, where I've got a great view of the city."

'"I still feel awfully bad about the whole mess in Japan, but it's too tiring to have the guilt weight down on you forever. So I've been trying to move on and live it up. I still model and I'm thinking about branching out into some other fields, like Theater Acting. I've also been doing lots of traveling since my divorce settlement came in!" 

The Bahamas 

The Bahamas

  "I went to the Bahamas a couple months ago (on assignment) and while I was there, I met my current on/off again boyfriend, Callum. I know! I said I wasn't going to ever get involved with anyone again, but the past is the past. I felt I needed to live a little, and Cal certainly knows how to live! He's so much fun."

Warning: Slight Doll Nudity (In a Non "Adult" Theme Ahead)

Tahiti (French Polynesia)

  "A little while later, I decided to go to Tahiti in French Polynesia. I tried to loosen up more, and did some topless sunbathing. The only thing I feel I really achieved by that though was causing a nasty sunburn later." 

Tuscany, Italy

    "Then I went up and met up with Cal, who invited me to stay at his family estate in Tuscany. I didn't realize how big and beautiful it was! While there, we had a bit of a falling out, as he asked me to marry him. I like him and have loads of fun, but I'm nowhere near ready to get married again. But he's agreed to meet me here in Hong Kong, so hopefully that will go well." 

              That about wraps Yuiko's year. I hope you all have a great New Year's Day, and here's to a fantastic New Year! Stay safe, and I will see you all in 2015! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Aladdin Jasmine Clone Doll and Flynn Rider

     I've been tempted to shoot some photostories, but I've had the nagging feeling I should post some new dolls first before anything else. So here's a couple that I've had for a while, but just got to pairing up. 

( Please excuse the photos, they aren't that great.) Introducing, Ben and Adha Khan! As you can tell from the post title, Ben is a Disney Store Rapunzel Flynn Rider  (found with all his clothes at the thrift), and Adha is a Aladdin Jasmine clone doll. I don't really have much information on her, since I believe her old body didn't have any markings. She is now on a Swapping Styles Fashionista body. 

        I absolutely adore her. Her face is so small and elegant. But boy, does she have alot of hair!  She does have a bit of wonky eye going on though. Once I feel more brave enough, I'll attempt a small eye repaint to fix that. 

I have also been trying my hand at sewing more. She's wearing a dress and cap I made, that I loosely based off a Flapper dress. Loosely. 

Here's the pair together again. I always felt like the Disney Store's Flynn Rider had a rugged Middle Eastern look, so it seemed natural that he and Adha met in Dubai (where he happened to have been raised).  Also, he's the older brother of Jamila Khan (my Jamila doll). 

I'll hopefully get around to putting up their profiles soon, but just wanted to end with this photo that I think is so cute. The Disney Store Flynn Rider has such a great face mold. You can see him looking bemused at whatever Adha is exclaiming about. Thanks for reading! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Lollipop Girls Kimmi (AKA Anya)

   If you're still sticking around and dealing with my sporadic posting, then I would just like to start off by saying Thank You! 

  These past couple months have been quite a whirlwind! I'll spare you the grief of having to sit through me blabbing on and on about it, but I'm going to try to make a real effort of having some more regularity in this blog. 

  Part of the reason I haven't posted anything in a while, is just out of being purely clueless of what to post. I would set up a Diorama, grab my dolls, and then just sit there with no idea of what they were doing. It was terrible! So I decided to go back to Basics, and try something a little different. I'm also making an effort not to buy any new dolls and work with the ones I have first. I have been working on them! First, to show a new face to the scene. 

  Some time ago, I found at my thrift a Lollipop Girls Kimmi Doll. Originally she had a body that had arms articulated at the elbow and very, very long legs (you can see here where they sell Lollipop Girls. It was very unique, but I got annoyed when her leg kept popping off, so I switched her to a Liv body. It's not the best color match, but I can live with it. I had to whittle around her neck hole to make her fit on the Liv body. 

   This girl has been on her new body for a while, but I've only recently managed to create who she is. I dub her Anya Nicolette Weinstein. Born and raised in Russia, Anya was a natural in the Espionage field, and used her looks and cleverness to do her work. Most likely did some wet-work and honeypot operations. Apparently though, she didn't feel much loyal to her countrymen, and eventually left Russia and moved to Veronaville to reinvent herself as a socialite and rising Entrepreneur. Rumor's circulate in Russia that she managed to obtain a pretty sizable chunk of money in own of her honeypot operations. 

  I couldn't think up a proper photostory to introduce her, so instead I took a series of photos of a day in the life of Anya (and of course, all the outfits she would wear). Sometime soon, I'll  put her profile up! 

  In the Morning : Before 10 A.M
    Anya spent the previous night partying at a nightclub with friends, and awakens hungry and disjointed. She freshens up, and changes into one of her favorite casual outfits, skinny jeans and a denim jacket. She's too tired to cook up anything, so she orders some food, and goes out to pick it up. 


   Still the Morning : A Little Later
         Anya returns victorious in getting something to eat. Ugh! It looks like she decided to buy some Chinese Food. She claims she needs the energy and wanted to indulge herself. She also insisted she needed a stiff drink to wake herself up. Hmph. Whatever floats her boat. 

          Morning : Around Noon-time

             The guilt of eating Chinese food for breakfast gets to Anya, and she decides to go to the pool (that happens to be in her Condo Building) to burn off some calories. Of course, she picks her favorite slimming swimsuit, and checks a few things on her phone before setting off.  

    Early Afternoon : Around One'o Clock 

              Two things happened when Anya went to the pool. 1: She saw a former romantic entanglement at the pool who happened to be there with his new Paramour.  
2. She ran into David, a prominent prosecutor whom she had recently been introduced to at a Charity Auction she had attended a week prior. 

              Anya seemed to have took a liking to David, and invited him back to her condo for margaritas. Surprisingly, the straight-laced prosecutor (and widower) agreed.   

Note : Almost forgot, I finally got David a Harley body! I found a Divergent Male discounted so I immediately got him for David. He has large back Tattoos though, but it isn't really bugging me yet. Maybe I'm just happy that he finally got a Harley body. 

     Early Afternoon : Around 2 to 2:30

             Whoa there! It looks like they're having a grand old time now. Maybe it's the Margaritas. Maybe it's Anya's charisma. Whatever it is, they both seem to be having alot of fun. They trade stories and swap jokes together, like they are old friends. 

              Eventually though David has to go, but they make plans to have dinner in a few days. Hmm. I wonder what Anya's intentions are. It doesn't look like she'll be disclosing them anytime soon, going by the coy smile she's been giving me. 

    Afternoon : 4 o'Clock 

        Interesting company Anya keeps! It looks like she's friends with everyone's favorite party-girl/ gold-digger, Vanna! 
         Anya ,dressed in a fresh spring frock has plans to go to a cafe with her friend Vanna Vantinni. Anya tells me that Vanna is a rising new socialite who seems to be making a impression around Veronaville, and happens to be at alot of the social events that Anya attends. Thus, it was good politics to befriend her, she tells me. I wonder what Vanna has been up to recently. Perhaps she's really gotten serious with Derek? 


     Early Evening : 6'o Clock 

       After having a charming time with Vanna, Anya comes home and prepares for a political fundraiser that is tonight. She decides to dress in formal pink, and wears a wrap she bought while visiting Malaysia a few years back. Her hair is layered, so she never really does much with it, and decides to just tie it back for tonight. 

       She has no intention of letting people think she is some air-brained socialite, and likes to spread her influence as much as she can. Back in Russia, she seems to have changed alot of outcomes by being behind the scenes, she tells me. 


    Night : 11'o Clock

       Greeting, charming, and being witty is harder than it looks! Anya had a lovely evening at the Political Fundraiser, and a lovely day overall, but is tired and just wants to watch some Netflix and eat the leftover Chinese food she stored in the fridge. Anya changes into a vintage plaid robe and girl boxer shorts. While shabby, she feels more comfortable in them than the formal dress she previously wore.  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcome, Irene Adler!

  I think that every good doll world needs an enchanting and alluring villianess (or, at least a kind of femme fatale). I wasn't really expecting to make one, but when I put her body and head together, bang! It was an instant that I knew she was going to be one. 

Meet my very own Irene Adler! I wasn't intending to make her into the Sherlock Holmes' adversary, but she immediately stuck me as it. Or maybe it's just that I have been watching too much Sherlock & Elementary for my own good.

Left : Sherlock BBC Irene Adler     Right : Elementary Irene Adler/Moriarty                                       
Just to prove that it isn't just over-exposure to too much good television, I made a little collage showing the 2 Irene's that I think really look like my gal. The Sherlock BBC Irene has the same brown hair & red lips. She also has a similar head shape and eyebrows as well.
The Elementary Irene/Moriarty has similar bone structure, lips, and eye shape. Also the chin & jaw looks pretty similar to my Irene.

Now, as for the actual Irene Adler here, she is an unidentified Jakks Pacific head on a Liv body ( If anyone could tell me who she is, it would much appreciated!). I don't plan on basing her solely on the above Irene Adler's ; she'll be a bit different, but in some respects the same.

I have big plans for her, and already know that she's going to bring to Veronaville! And if all goes well, Sherlock Holmes himself might be coming this summer!
Look forward to future shenanigans involving Irene, and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Giving Themselves To Love- Photostory

    Finally shot & edited a photostory, ready for the blog! I wanted to put something up earlier, but I didn't really have the inspiration/drive to do something. I have a couple of new/improved dolls though, so hopefully I can do just a presentation post of them soon.

   Anyway, I finally got Reiji! Mentioned in a few previous posts, Reiji is Yuiko's former love, half brother to her ex husband, Soji, and a main reason she left Japan. For a bit of a refresher, click here-  Tidy House, Tidy Soul. *Note- While her ex husband is referred to as Toji in previous photostories, his name is now retconned as Soji.*

    This isn't my best photostory, but I like it just fine. Giving a view in Reiji's mind, 8 months before Yuiko left Japan.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays- Photostory

    Wow, it's been quite a while! Sorry for being AWOL, but I haven't forgot about the holidays. Since I have a bit of a long break for the Holidays, hopefully I'll actually get around to posting more things, but until then, here's a mini photostory with Nora and Jim (a new couple, already both separately introduced) spending their first Christmas together, vacationing in Hawaii. Heck, maybe this will inspire me to finally post their profiles.

   And yes, there's a grammar mistake on one of the photos and I'm re-using some walls, but please bear with me and enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!




Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Reunion- Photostory

   I'm still here! I've still been working on my projects, and recently made a few purchases but I didn't feel I had anything good enough/to lazy, to put anything up on here. Well, I finally managed to get an idea of what to do, so here it is.

 I've swapped Carla and Rissa's bodies, so now Carla has a pivotal body. Less busty, but more leggy, so I don't feel like she's lost much. She looks so much better on this one in my opinion. If your'e confused, then read the "A Morning With Vanna" photostory.